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Founded in 1988, we are a family-owned and run business manufacturing and supplying powder coatings throughout the British Isles, Europe and beyond.

We have been manufacturing industrial coatings in our Belfast plant since 1981; as HMG Paints (Ireland) Ltd supplying various liquid paint products to all the heavy industry manufacturers in our local market; many well-known names.  Throughout the 1980s, we continued to grow organically and through the acquistion of Plycol Montgomerie to become the largest liquid paint manufacturer in Northern Ireland, owning household brand Samuel Courtney Ltd.

We recognised early the potential of powder coatings as an alternative technology to liquid coatings, and assisted many of our industrial customers to make the transition either wholly or partially to powder.  In 1988, we founded ‘Thermocoat Ltd’ and began manufacturing our own powder coatings on the Castlereagh site.

After divesting the liquid paint manufacturing in 1991, the powder coating company was renamed HMG Powder Coatings Ltd to better reflect the strong partnership with HMG Paints Ltd and the shared ethos of the HMG family of companies.

Since then, our sole interest has been in supplying powder coating products, developed for individual customers or specific markets that meet the requirements of not only the specifier, but also the applicator.  We believe our coatings ‘should just work – no fuss’.

In 1999, we formed HMG Powder Coatings (Midlands) Ltd to offer the GB market the same service and technical know-how available in Belfast.  ‘HMG Midlands’ has a truly impressive stock range, dedicated staff and an exceptional service record.

Through this culture of customer-focused innovation, we have grown to become the only powder coating manufacturer in Ireland and the largest independent manufacturer in the United Kingdom.  Our family-owned business now supplies coatings throughout the British Isles, Europe and beyond.


We can make any powder coating colour or finish to order so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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