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Gloss & Appearance

The powder coating has applied correctly and is free from contamination, yet the gloss, surface finish or colour are not as expected.


Colour is a visual attribute and is often conveniently assessed qualitatively by eye under sufficient light to test the colour against the expected result (the colour 'standard').  Where a quantitative measurement is required, colour spectrophotometry is used as a tool.  The light source will have a bearing on how the final colour is perceived.

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Similar to 'Sheen', haziness is more correct termed the 'Definition of Image' of a coating and is a measure of the clarity of the reflection, or 'mirror-like' finish of the coating.  This attribute is usually confined to gloss coatings.

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Orange Peel

A description of the smoothness of the coating.  Where coatings are not totally level they develop a waviness in the coating, not dissimilar to an orange peel.

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The amount of unscattered light reflected from the surface of a coating is its gloss level.  An incident angle of 60 degrees is often used, although 20 and 80 degree measurements have limited use too.  Gloss level is often described as a percentage, however Gloss Units (GU) is the more accurate description.

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Inconsistent colour

For consistency, ideally a coating's film thickness ought to be the same no matter where on the part.  Where build-up occurs at the edges of a part, this is called 'Picture Framing', and on flat sheets 'Striping'.

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