Powder Coating


Superior top coat finishes for all environments, from the benign interior to the harshest sun-drenched, marine and polluted atmospheres.


Where coated products are intended for internal use, epoxy-polyester chemistry provides a finish that is relatively easy to apply and the chemistry is amenable to many fine tuning adjustments, including high flexibility, hardness, intercoat adhesion, overbake stability, and many more.  Any gloss level is achieveable, from a dead matt flat appearance to a high gloss and high definition of image.

Epoxy-polyesters have a slightly better stability to sunlight light than pure epoxies, and may be used for some applications where items are only used outside for relatively brief periods, such as garden tools.  Their improved light fastness makes them ideal for use in office environments, and we particularly recommend our advanced aesthetics range for superior office class environments.

General Use

An excellent balance of aesthetics, performance and cost, these coatings are suitable for all decorative interior applications.  Available in smooth, sandpaper, ripple, hammer and antique effects in all colours including metallic shades.

Advanced Aesthetics and Chemical Resistance

Offering outstanding aesthetic appearance and enhanced resistance to common chemicals such as detergents, bleach, lipstick, coffee and sauces.  These products are available in smooth or sandpaper texture effect in all colours including metallic shades.  These coatings may be modified for low film build applications on request.


For the full list of datasheets, visit our Resources area.


Our coatings for external use are resistant to ultraviolet light (sunlight) and weathering (repeated exposure to humidity and heat variations), which cause the degradation of all coating systems.  The exterior durability of an external system is dependent not only on the grade of resin, but also the amount of that binder system present in the coating, and the quality of other ingredients used in the product.  The generic term ‘polyester’ is not a sufficient guarantee of durability.

General Use

An excellent balance of aesthetics, performance and cost, these coatings are suitable for exterior applications such as machinery, garden furniture, street furniture, electrical enclosures and automotive parts. Common alterations to the products include ‘degassing’ to reduce craters often found in zinc substrates, or ‘wax-free’ for applications where screen printing and vinyl stickers are used. These products are available in smooth, sandpaper, ripple, wrinkle and hammer effects in all colours including metallic shades.

Architectural Durability

QUALICOAT is a quality label for licensed coaters


For coatings that will withstand the harshest environments we recommend the Architectural Polyester 827 range, approved to Qualicoat Class 1, for all your architectural requirements.  Where higher levels of weathering resistance are required, our advanced architectural 924 system for both architectural and the ACE market are highly recommended.

Choose your weathering resistance:

Durability Qualicoat Class Florida Exposure (months) UV-B (hours) HMG Product
High 1 12 300 827
Ultra 2 36 600 924

*Florida exposure and UV-B is the exposure time period required after which the retained gloss of the system must be above 50% of its original sheen.


For the full list of datasheets, visit our Resources area.

Robust Coatings

Coatings are used to protect a multitude of different products. They can be subjected to wear throughout their lifetime, from handling after curing, transit to installation site, and in-use mechanical stresses. Contact Us for more information.

Abrasion, Scuff & Scratch Resistance

Avoid rejects from transport damage and increase longevity in high wear environments such as shopfitting railings with our nanotechnology additives that greatly increase the hardness and scuff resistance, promoting the abrasive material to slide off rather than mar the surface of the coating.

Enhanced Corrosion Protection

Offering increased hardness, rub resistance and corrosion resistance, the nylon-reinforced 877 range has a proven record in harsh environments, including the marine industry.

Single Layer Edge and Corner Protection

Fabricated parts almost always have sharp edges from laser cutting, stamping or guillotining. In real world production environments corrosion usually begins at these sharp edges as the desired high flow and smoothness of the paint finish means that the coating draws away from the sharp edges during the curing cycle. After only a few weeks exposure, these weak points can be corroded and the powder coating begin to delaminate from the edge.

HMG offer a range of multi-coat systems, incorporating a powder primer followed by topcoat to overcome the weakness of sharp corners, however there are occasions where using a multicoat system is not desirable. We offer our Polyester ECP technology to fill the gap. These technologies cling to the sharp edges during cure, giving full edge protection and avoiding premature failures in real world scenarios. With an appropriate preparation C4 medium corrosion protection is achievable.


For the full list of datasheets, visit our Resources area.

High Reactivity

Environmentally Friendly

Powder coating systems are the most environmentally-friendly coatings available. The environmental footprint can be further reduced by applying no higher than the recommended film thickness and by reducing the energy required to fully cure the coating.

Increased Plant Efficiency

Our high reactivity systems allow the oven dwell times to be reduced, and also line speeds by up to 30% compared to a standard bake coating, providing increased thoughput and lower energy costs per unit. This allows the applicator to find the best possible balance between throughput speed and oven temperatures.

Heat-Sensitive Options

Reducing the peak temperatures required to cure our coatings opens the possibilities of what can be powder coated, whether wood or temperature sensitive electronics.


All our internal coating systems and general use polyester coatings can be supplied in a high reactivity system.

Very Matt Finishes

Powder coatings that exhibit very low sheen and an extreme flat matt surfaces. The coatings are designed for use on architectural or decorative components such as furniture, lighting, domestic appliances, office furniture and any other component where a high design standard is demanded.


Key benefits:

  • Highly weather-resistant coating
  • Available in ultradurable on request
  • 887 Series: Deep matt effect (<8GU)
  • 857 MA Series: Very matt effect (8-12GU)
  • Superb smoothness
  • Low picture framing
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Dead Matt 887

    Highly weather resistant flat matt powder coating system

  • Polyurethane Matt 857

    Very matt powder coating system suiable as a base for heat sublimation

Clear Finishes

As the final layer in a coating system and the system that bears the brunt of the local environment, clear finishes impart their own intrinsic benefits to any coating system.  This makes them a superb addition to any applicator's stock range as they can greatly reduce the inventories required in today's high service demand market.


For example:


  • An antique finish is required for prolonged external use, but only the epoxy-polyester version is available.  Simple: use a Clear Polyester to provide weathering resistance.
  • A colour is in stock as a gloss, but a matt version is wanted.  Use a Clear Matt to provide the colour in a Matt finish; equally, a matt coating can be rendered as gloss using the appropriate clear.
  • A colour is needed as anti-graffiti.  Simply overcoat with the clear anti-graffiti system.
  • Extended weathering resistance is needed?  Use the clear superdurable polyester over the standard architectural 827 product.
  • A project needs a finish suitable for heat sublimation, but the existing coating becomes sticky. Use the heat sublimation clear.
  • A customer needs an anti-microbial finish on their item.  Again, just overcoat the standard colour with the anti-microbial clear.
  • Looking for an anodised look?  Frost over any colour will provide a durable dead matt and anodised finish.


For the full list of datasheets, visit our Resources area.

  • Clear Anti-Graffiti - Gloss

    A clear coating with very high chemical resistance; it can be cleaned with proprietary graffiti-removers without damaging the coating.

  • Clear Anti-Microbial - Matt

    An exterior durable matt system, that antagonises the settlement of micro-organisms.

  • Frost 4728

    Achieve a dead matt anodised effect over any existing colour with the application of this frosted clear topcoat. Shown here over Ultrachrome 4617.

  • Crystal Clear 1428

    A high build clear lacquer with anti-yellowing properties


We can make any powder coating colour or finish to order so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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