Supply Problems


Powder can build up around corners of hoses and in other equipment, restricting the flow of the coating through the system.

Potential Cause

Worn parts from normal wear and tear of the coating process.

If you believe the parts are wearing prematurely, it may indicate that the air feed pressure is turned up too high.


Clean and replace aprts according to the equipment manufacturer's recommendations, paying attention to any changes in shift patterns or extra working hours since the equipment was installed and taking account of the extra working time load.

Potential Cause

Impact fusion caused by air pressure being too high, or the powder coating type being more susuceptible to impact fusion.


Check the feed air pressure.  The pressure should be reduced to the minimum level required to achieve a steady even flow of powder to produce an electrostatic cloud that is attracted to the earthed part.  Powder coatings are not designed to be blasted onto parts.

Some powder chemistries are more prone to impact fusion than others, contact us to discuss.

If the air feed needs to be turned up to achieve sufficient powder film thickness, it may be that the system is performing beyond its maximum efficient output.  Consider reducing the line speed, or adding more spray guns

Potential Cause

Kinked feed hoses


Kinks, or sharp bends that flatten the hoses and restrict powder flow should be prevented.  Replace any that are permanently deformed and take measures to reduce the occurence.


We can make any powder coating colour or finish to order so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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