Transportation Sector

Planes, Trains & Automobiles are only the tip of the iceberg in this sector, but all of our end users demand and enjoy ground breaking technology advances from HMG Powder Coatings.

HMG Powder Coatings takes great pride in the fact that across this vast market we offer coatings that are specified and applied to everything from the basics of a bicycle, the subframe of a trailer, through to the most demanding aerospace applications and everything in between. Our enviable position in the Automotive & Commercial Vehicle market is supported by our in field Technical Sales & Support team.

Key Technologies specific to this market

  • Environmentally friendly Variable Bake products reducing Industry Carbon Footprints
  • Anti-Graffiti coatings protect the coatings against vandals
  • Low Smoke & Fume formulations for ‘In Cabin’ applications with full London Underground (LUL) Approval
  • Functional Clear Coats offering anti-chip & anti-mar properties
  • Marine Grade powder & paint systems for the boat building industry

HMG Powder Coatings are proud to be a supplier to this key manufacturing segment which applies its products to a wide range of vehicles including

Cars – Trucks – Trailers – Trains – Aeroplanes – Bicycles – Motorbikes – Boats – Buses – Go Karts – Racing Cars

Our recent launch of the ‘Signature Finish’ (TM) range of products for this market sector sets us ahead in the bespoke customising and styling of products within this sector.  A range of 50 key products allows end users and specifiers to develop stand out finishes in single and dual coat technology. This unique offering from HMG Powder Coatings is currently our fastest growing market segment in the UK Geography.


We can make any powder coating colour or finish to order so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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