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Anodic Powder Coating

The Anodic Finish - Classic Collection is a range of elegant colours available ex Stock from HMG. The colours have been designed to compliment the EURAS anodised colour range and can be used as an attractive alternative to anodising, or for achieving an anodised appearance on non aluminium substrates such as steel.

As the Anodic Finish – Classic collection range complies with Qualicoat Class 1 (P-1347), the products may be used for architectural purposes, or may be used purely for decorative applications to achieve a classic style finish.

The Benefits of Anodic powder coating -

  • Colours  -  A Greater Freedom for Architects and owners of buildings in design choice
  • Colour consistency  - Parts from different applicators can all be assembled together
  • Weather  Fastness   - More predictable colour and Gloss through life
  • Gloss availability    - Greater Freedom of design choice  
  • Repair - Better invisibility of repairs
  • Chemistry  - Powder  can be applied to all metal substrates, allowing greater flexibility in design and construction

We can make any powder coating colour or finish to order so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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