Powder Coating

Functional Coatings

We specialise in creating coatings above and beyond the norm. These coatings provide not only the decorative and protective functions, but also some very specific functionality.


Manufactured using a superdurable resin system to give the highest weathering resistance available to non-fluorinated coatings; these coatings are also extremely tough.  Their chemistry does not allow solvents from marker pens or aerosols to penetrate, allowing the graffiti to be removed without leaving a shadow.  The products also reject many stickers, allowing them to be easily removed and even causing some to spontaneously peel.

Infrared Reflective


Designed for military use, these coatings are designed to meet the requirements of DEF-STAN 00-23.  They are carefully formulated to mimic the infrared (heat) emissions of various backgrounds, thus camouflaging the object from infrared cameras.  A small range of colours are available on request.



It is well-known that black and darker objects absorb sunlight and heat up faster than pale colours.  This can be a noticeable problem in certain environments such as car interiors, or office buildings, by increasing costs associated with air-conditioning.


Using our Cool technology, more ultraviolet light is reflected than a standard colour, keeping car interiors cooler and lowering the cost of building air conditioning.

Temperature Resistant

Coatings for applications that require temperature resistance, from 200 – 600 Celsius.  Applications include bakeware and ovenware, fire surrounds and barbeque grills, and exhausts and mufflers.



Coatings formulated to provide protection from sparking and tracking.



Coatings formulated for environments where a prevention of static build-up is required.


With our anti-microbial partners we can supply coatings that antagonise the settlement of micro-organisms on the surface of the cured powder coating film.  Such coatings are useful in many areas, providing a second line of defence against unwanted micro-organisms.


Luminescence is the phenomenon whereby light energy (usually ultraviolet) is absorbed and emitted as visible light energy.  Depending on the speed of the transition from ultraviolet light to visible light, the effect can be catagorised as either fluorescent, or phosphorescent.  Luminescent pigments incorporated into coatings can provide an effect that is not just visually stunning, not also has a functional character.



Our fluorescent range of products reflect more visible light energy than they absorb, creating a super-bright coloured effect, that has applicability for warning signs, personal protective equipment or other important notices.  To maintain the highest brightness, the coatings are supplied as a two coat system, requiring a white base coat.



Commonly called 'Glow in the Dark' coatings, these products maintain their emission over a prolonged period.  Available in a green, or blue, they are often used on personal protective equipment, or evacuation signs


We can make any powder coating colour or finish to order so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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